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  1. I just saw the play “The Cookie Fight” at the Bristol Valley Playhouse in Naples NY. I believe this would be an excellent play for a broad audience because most people can identify with numerous aspects of the play on several levels. Right away I remember packing up my mother’s belongings when she was ill at 86. My brothers did not want to help with the task. I looked after her for a long time and also my father who died 5 years after my mother. The religion, politics, and economic downturn parts are perfect for most of us to have out in the open. I loved it! The daughter finally doing something nice for herself after sacrificing so much for her parents, the brother losing everyone’s money except his own, but having helped his family, conquering alcoholism, but losing touch with his own children and wife. I loved the “Gus” character. What a special guy. Please get this play into the Venice Theater in Venice Florida. There has to be a huge market for plays like this that make us think, and hit a nerve. Thanks for writing it.

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