The Cookie Fight – 3F, 3M – Three adult children, including a born-again Christian, an embattled finance executive and a out-of-work actor arrive home for one last Christmas.  And fight over a cookie. 

broken – 2M, 2F – In a prison visitation room, a convicted serial killer faces off with one last visitor, while in the outside world his daughter tries to pick up the pieces and move forward.
Monkey-hearts – 2M, 2F – Two struggling screenwriters make one last, desperate pitch to be successful.  It does not go as expected.
Elijah – 4F, 2M – Six strangers trapped in a TGIFridays during a hurricane discover they have more in common than they realized.

The Voodoo – New York Madness/Wedding – Ensemble Studio Theatre, May 2012
Fumes – New York Madness/007 – Cherry Lane Studio, April 2012
Promise Keepers ESPA Detention, Jimmy’s No. 43, April 2012
Disgusting Awfulness Have Another Bar/Play Crawl, Feb 2012
Toward the Fence  New York Madness/Get Up Off the Mat, TheatreLab, February 2012
Shitty App  New York Madness/Time Travel, IATI Theatre, Nov. 2011
The Works  New York Madness/Question, INTAR Theatre, Oct. 2011
One Minute Play Festival, ESPA Detention, Jimmy’s No. 43, Oct. 2011
Prison Chair Have Another, A Bar/Play Crawl, June 2011
Lizard-brain ESPA Detention, Jimmy’s No. 43, Feb 2011
Right of Way ESPA Detention, Jimmy’s No. 43, April 2011
Poignant Aura  New York Madness/Mystique, Primary Stages Studios, April 2011
Etruelove.com  New York Madness/Inside/Out, Primary Stages Studios, March 2011
Prison Chair  New York Madness/Target Madness, Feb. 2011
Burrito Eighth Deadly Sin/15th Floor, Primary Stages Studios, Fall 2010
Class of ’88 Playwrights for Pets, Roy Arias Studios, Fall 2010
Quickie Date Arkham Playwrights, Chernuchin Theater, Fall 2009


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